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      • HL7 Content Block

        HL7 content is enclosed by special characters to form a Block.
        The Block format is as follows:

        • <SB>: Start Block character (1 byte).
          ASCII <VT>, i.e., <0x0B>.

        • dddd: Data (variable number of bytes).
          This is the HL7 data content of the Block.
          The data can contain any single-byte values greater than 0x1F (see below for a discussion of issues related to character
          encodings) and the ASCII carriage return character, <CR>.

        • <EB>: End Block character (1 byte).
          ASCII <FS>, i.e., <0x1C>.

        • <CR>: Carriage Return (1 byte).
          ASCII <CR> character, i.e., <0x0D>.

        In pseudo BNF-notation the HL7 Content Block Format is as follows:

        HL7-Content-Block = SB, dddd, EB, CR.

             dddd = ( printableChar | CR )-sequence.

             printableChar = 0x20 | 0x21 | 0x22 | .. | 0xFF.

             SB = 0x0B.

             EB = 0x1C.

             CR = 0x0D.

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